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Mla elections 2018

Spiritual Gurus creating awareness to abolish inequality

A one day event was conducted at Kalaburgi by Mr. Basavaraj Mattimud. In this event spiritual gurus from various dharamshalas came together to spread the message of abolishing inequality and superstition among people.

karnataka legislative election 2018

Work is worship and should be executed with devotion

In an event organized by the Karnataka Arts Academy, Mr. Basavaraj Mattimud spread the message to the youth that any work they carry out, irrespective of its type should be completed with dedication. Mr.Basavaraj, makes it a point to encourage youth frequently to keep their morale high.

Basavaraj B Mattimud work towards society

Distribution of cylinders to 61 aspirants

Mr. Basavaraj Mattimud organized an event in order to distribute cooking gas cylinders to 61 aspirants in Kalaburgi rural area, under a government scheme which was initiated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji to improve the lifestyle of the people.

Basavaraj B Mattimud work towards society

Distributed farming seeds to the needy farmers

In Adaki taluk, Mr.Basavaraj Mattimud distributed farming seeds to the needy farmers at a subsidized price. He also spoke to farmers and boosted their morale by stating that ‘farmers are the back bone of our nation’ and that he is always ready to help them.

Basavaraj B Mattimud work towards society

Education is a must for all: Mattimud

In an event held in Kalaburgi, Mr. Basavaraj Mattimud emphasized that the need of the hour is for teachers to put extra effort on enhancing the knowledge spectrum of students. He also stressed on the importance of contributing to the society to make things better.

Basavaraj B Mattimud work towards society

Youth should not fall into bad habits

At a kabaddi tournament organized at Kamalapura Rural, Mr.Basavaraj Mattimud advised the youth to contribute to the society with their hard work instead. He explained to them the perils of falling prey to bad habits and tried to stimulate their minds towards a positive lifestyle.

Basavaraj B Mattimud work towards society

BJP workers march to demand CM’s resignation

Government filed fake case against former C.M Shri B.S.Yeddyurappa with the help of ACB. The BJP workers raised their voices against this malpractice of the government and organized a march, demanding the resignation of the CM of Karnataka.

Basavaraj B Mattimud work towards society

Solution for state’s water resource problem

BJP is aiming to merge rivers across the country to ensure constant water availability. This step would be beneficial for the farmers for their cultivation and would be a major step in the development of the nation.